Question: In my life of aspiration, at certain times is it better to give in to a desire which is beyond my capacity to deal with effectively?

Sri Chinmoy: In your life of aspiration, it is an act of sheer stupidity to give in to a desire because it is beyond your power to deal with it effectively. It is like surrendering to your enemy and then saying, "Who knows, one day the enemy may be kind enough to allow me to defeat him." Will the enemy ever give you the chance to be the victor? This is absurd. Desire is your enemy. Once you enter into the life of aspiration, the life of desire is undoubtedly your worst adversary. Desire will never give you the opportunity to conquer it. Once you give in, not only do you lose all your strength, but also your own strength becomes added to your enemy's strength. Whatever strength your enemy had becomes more powerful, because your own strength he also takes when you surrender. So never give up. Fight, fight to the end and win the victory.