Editor's note to the first edition

The song of self-transcendence

Sri Chinmoy's first book, 'My Ivy League Leaves', was published on 13 July 1970 by the Chinmoy Publishing Company in Jamaica, N.Y. On that occasion, Sri Chinmoy said, This is the first book…If the Supreme wills, your Guru will write 199 more… History bears witness to this most significant day. This is a humble beginning, but out inner eye will say — no, this beginning is most significant, most precious, most glorious and most fruitful, for our inner Pilot…has inspired us to launch into this divine project. It is He who is guiding us. It is He who is going to lead us to our ultimate Goal. From human knowledge, He is leading us to divine knowledge, and this divine knowledge is the knowledge of inseparable oneness with the highest Supreme…"

In November of 1974, Sri Chinmoy completed his 200th book and thus fulfilled his Vision-Promise.

'Aspiration-Tree' marks his 300th book and sings most soulfully his only favourite song: "The song of self-transcendence."