Experience, realisation, revelation, manifestation

Arjuna was extremely fortunate to have had the vision of Sri Krishna in his Cosmic Form. He saw the entire world in Krishna’s three aspects: God as the Creator, God as the Preserver and God as the Transformer of human ignorance into Divine Knowledge.

It is good to have an experience, but we have to know that experience is not the same as realisation. Even if realisation is not complete, it is infinitely better than experience. Experience is a lasting inspiration. Realisation is a lasting achievement. This lasting achievement does not necessarily embody all the divine qualities, such as Peace, Power, or Wisdom. When we embody the Vision in its totality we have complete realisation. The embodiment of Truth or Vision gives us an infinite confidence in our inner, as well as our outer, journey. Again, mere embodiment is not enough. We have to reveal the Vision. Someone may have inner power, but unless he reveals this power, it cannot fulfil him, either here on earth or there in Heaven. We must reveal without what we have within. But revelation is not the final stage. The final stage is manifestation. What we have and what we are must be manifested here on earth. When manifestation is accomplished, all is done.