The message of divine freedom

There was a spiritual Master. He was very kind, very affectionate to his disciples. He used to use his occult power very often to help his students and his disciples. He used occult power and spiritual power in every possible way and he took on himself illness from the disciples who were close to him. He knew that if he accepted the cosmic punishment which they deserved according to the cosmic law, then his disciples would remain safe. So hundreds and thousands of times he took on his own body the punishment that was deserved by his disciples.

Once the Master was descending on the staircase and he fell down and he broke his knee. He was taken to the hospital immediately. There the Master was unable to move. The doctors did what they could, but the pain was excruciating. The spiritual Master was given chloroform and he had to go through some surgery.

Many disciples came to the hospital to see the Master but the doctors did not allow them in. Only one or two selected disciples were allowed to go into his room, as well as the doctors and nurses. The Master remained in a coma for quite a long time, just for a few seconds it happened that there was nobody in the Master’s room, not even a nurse. When a nurse went in again, she discovered that the Master had disappeared. Now the Master was in a coma and had a broken knee. How could he disappear? The doctors searched for him; the disciples searched for him, but the Master was nowhere to be found.

“Where has he gone?” they all asked one another. “We don’t know where he went,” was the invariable answer.

But the Master had used his occult power to return to his own house and when the disciples who had been at the hospital finally returned to their Master’s house, they were astonished to find him in his own bed giving sermons to some of his disciples. Three of the disciples who had been to the hospital to see the Master asked him, “How could you do it? And why have you done it? Since you have such capacity, why did you allow yourself to break your knee in the first place? Why did you allow us to take you to the hospital? And why did you disappear in this occult way?”

The Master said, “First I make an experiment with my spiritual oneness; then I make an experiment of my human oneness; then again I make myself one with my spiritual reality.”

The disciples could not understand this. They asked the Master to be explicit.

The Master said, “I allowed my knee to be fractured because I had to save seven close disciples; two or three would have been in the other world and the rest would have committed most serious blunders and immediately would have fallen to my seventh class disciples or I would have had to ask them to leave my Centre at once. In order to save them, protect them, in order to fight against their ignorance I had to break my knee.

“I had to take all their karma so my knee was fractured. The natural course in that case is to go to a doctor. With my spiritual oneness I saved them, I took their punishment on myself. And with my oneness with medical science, with human knowledge, I was taken to the doctor. The doctors helped me according to their own capacity. I take spiritual help from within to help my disciples and I take human help, medical help from without to save myself.

“When I know that I have suffered enough and the law of Karma is over, then I use my spiritual power, spiritual reality, spiritual capacity, spiritual light again. We start with spiritual oneness, then go on to human oneness, then we go back to the oneness where nothing is affected, where it is all light and Delight and the message of divine freedom.”