Man and woman

Equality is a shaky bridge between man and woman. Both man and woman desperately need love and love alone. It is love that is Bliss and never the sense of equality.

Man will be a beggar if he does not get sweetness and sacrifice from woman. Woman will suffer the same fate if she does not get strength and security from man.

If woman's strength is in the beauty of her tears, then man's strength is in the sacrifice of his heart.

If woman's strength is in her silence and reserve, then man's strength is in his vision and action.

If woman's strength is in her quick rejection, then man's strength is in his life's new orientation.

Man thinks of what to say. Woman thinks of how to act.

Man and woman in ignorant love see only one subtle thief: Time. Man and woman in wise love feel only one faithful and inspiring servant: Time.

Man and woman are at their best when they give to each other not only what they have but what they are.

Man brings the message of Heaven. Woman brings the message of Divine Earth. Woman, even in her highest aspect, creates her fulfilment on earth, as Prakriti. It is for her to bring the glorious perfection of heaven to the material base of earth.

Be it in art or literature,
Be it in scholarship or teaching,
Be it in administration and commerce,
Be it in service to society,
Be it in wifehood and motherhood,
Be it in philosophical quest or religious aspiration,
Be it even in spiritual realisation —

Woman is intended by the Supreme to bring the Divine Perfection to earth. Every sphere and aspect of earth, its grossest needs as well as its subtlest nuances, must feel the touch of woman's radiant emanation.

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 1, No.12, 27 July 1966, Boro Park Printers -- Brooklyn, N. Y, 1966