Question: What part of man achieves realisation?

Sri Chinmoy: When realisation takes place, it is the entire being that realises God. The soul has already realised God, but the soul is bringing to the fore its realised consciousness. It is entering into the heart and trying to permeate the heart with its divine consciousness. Then, from the heart it comes to the mind, from the mind to the vital and from the vital to the physical body. When it envelops the physical, the vital, the mental and the psychic, realisation is complete.

Real realisation makes one know that one is neither the body nor the mind nor anything else, but the soul plus the Divine, which is in manifestation. Each person, when he realises God, will feel that he is a conscious portion of God. The physical is limited; the soul is unlimited. When we speak of realisation, we are referring to something unlimited, infinite. When we realise God we go beyond the body-consciousness and become one with the soul’s unlimited capacity.