Confucianism is a most sublime Chinese religion. Confucius was its founder. Although an orphan he was, he became the Wisdom-Father-Light of China. When years advanced upon him, he practised and preached idealism in its prismic beauty. Constant self-sacrifice his life-river became.

What he discovered within, he revealed without: simplicity of life and purity in the heart are the Truth-reality’s peerless beauty. He taught the world: we are not only of the Supreme Ruler but also for the Supreme Ruler. Heaven is watching us, helping us and guiding us toward the fulfilment of our incomparable task.

He also taught the world: expect only that from the world which you have already given it.

Human personality is not to be curbed, but widened unreservedly. Human individuality is not to be stifled, but heightened endlessly. United our souls are: what is left undone?

Universality’s song still remains unsung; therefore universality’s life each individual life must become.

[to be continued]