Question: What should you do when you know that you have to renounce something, and you don't want to?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, you have to be ruthlessly sincere with yourself. Are the things that you cling to or treasure — nay, value more than your own life — of any importance? If your sincere heart speaks, the immediate answer will be a categorical ‘no’. Such being the case, why should you be attached to the things that are of no avail either in the immediacy of today, or in the near or distant future?

Sterling sincerity has prepared the seeker in us to walk along the road that leads to the Eldorado of divine light, supreme delight and absolute satisfaction. When sincerity has played its unprecedented role, the irresistible necessity of God-Light, God-Truth, God-Love and God-Perfection loom large in your heart-aspiring and life-serving earth-existence. At that time the magnetic pull from the attachment-world gives way to the magnetic pull from the detachment-world — the world that grows in Eternity’s Silence-light and Infinity’s Sound-might. To your widest surprise, what you have renounced is unreality’s cry, and what you have accepted, own and treasure is Reality’s world-nourishing and world-transforming smile.

[to be continued]