I saw.
What did I see?
I saw God’s Face.

I did.
What did I do?
I loved God’s Heart.

I became.
What did I become?
I became God’s Compassion-Feet.

I am seeing.
What am I seeing?
I am seeing God’s Beauty in Heaven and on earth, within and without.

I am doing.
What am I doing?
I am doing my God-ordained duty.

I am becoming.
What am I becoming?
I am becoming a soulful and fruitful service-tree.

I shall see.
What shall I see?
I shall see God’s Satisfaction-Smile.

I shall do.
What shall I do?
I shall manifest God-Heights on earth.

I shall become.
What shall I become?
I shall become a boundless gratitude-sea to please my Inner Pilot consciously and constantly in His own way.

United Nations: Peace Room, 11 March 1975