Question: Can you explain the worth of trying to communicate one's inner experiences with others?

Sri Chinmoy: Some Masters advise their disciples to share their experiences only with them. Most of the time it is not advisable to communicate or offer one's inner experiences to others. Suppose you have had a very high, sublime experience. Even if you tell this experience to your most intimate friend, his jealousy may try to devour the wealth, the living reality of your experience. Sometimes it happens that when you share your inner experiences with a beginner, the beginner will try to have the same experience by hook or by crook. In the spiritual life this can never be done. Spiritual progress is a slow, steady and gradual process. Just because you have tasted a mango and you tell me about it, I may also try to climb up the mango tree. But if I do not know how to climb, when I try, I will fall down and hurt myself. Also, if you tell your inner experiences to others, human pride may enter into you.

One should share one’s inner experiences with others only with the permission of the Master. If one does not have a Master, then one must dive deep within and listen to the dictates of the soul. If the soul or the Master asks an individual seeker to share his experiences with the rest of the world, then there will be no problem whatsoever. In that case it may happen that if the person tells about his experiences, his friends will be inspired to enter into the world of aspiration. But it is always advisable to ask the Master or to go deep within in order to know whether to share one’s experiences with others. Otherwise, it may create unforseen, deplorable results either in the seeker himself or in the one with whom he is trying to share his experiences.