Question: Are the "I am" and the "Inner Being" one and the same?

Sri Chinmoy: On the lower plane "I am" represents the ego-consciousness. This can never be the same as the inner being. The real “I am” is infinitely superior to the ego-consciousness. It is the silent Brahman, the highest Reality-Consciousness. Now, there are many inner beings, but the best inner being is the one which is like a child. The inner being is the receiver of the message of the Absolute Supreme, who is the real “I am” consciousness, but the inner being is far inferior to the “I” in the “I am” consciousness. We all have quite a few inner beings. Like a manager in a factory, their capacity is very limited. They are not the highest authority, but they are the agents, the representatives, of the highest authority, who is the real “I am” consciousness.