We learn1

We learn. We learn from sorrow; we learn from joy. We learn from sorrow how to purify our emotional vital. We learn from sorrow how to be watchful, careful and soulful. We learn from sorrow how to widen our hearts and how to heighten our lives.

Our emotional vital is unlit, obscure, impure and unaspiring. There comes a time when sorrow and suffering knock at our door. Then we try to purify, sanctify, illumine and make the vital a perfect instrument of God.

When we are watchful, we do not allow the world around us with its teeming imperfections to enter into our being. When we are careful, we do not allow anything undivine to grow within us. When we are soulful, we are safe both in the outer world and in the inner world precisely because the divine in us takes full care of us. The divine in us protects us, perfects us and immortalises us. When we are soulful, in the inner world we can sing the song of perfection, in the outer world we can dance the dance of satisfaction.

When we widen our hearts, we enter into the universal consciousness. When we widen, we expand ourselves. The finite in us grows into Infinity and the universal Consciousness becomes part and parcel of our aspiring existence. When we heighten our lives, we grow into the transcendental Consciousness. This Consciousness constantly transcends its own height. Transcendental Consciousness is not and cannot be a static consciousness. It is always proceeding, climbing high, higher, highest. It is always transcending its own supernal heights.

We learn from joy. We learn from joy how to love God, how to serve God, how to fulfil God unconditionally in God’s own way. When we are happy, we give everything that we have and that we are. It is in our soulful self-giving that we eventually become perfect prototypes of our Inner Pilot, the Absolute Supreme. From joy we come to discover what we eternally are: God’s Golden Dreams. We are His Dreams; we are His Dream-Boats. Again, it is in and through us that He will manifest His Reality-Shore. Either He will carry us to the Golden Shore of the Beyond or He will carry the Golden Shore to us. From joy we learn how to become God-seeds and God-fruits. When we become God-seeds, Heaven treasures us. When we become God-fruits, earth treasures us.

We learn from Heaven; we learn from earth. From Heaven we learn how to smile divinely and compassionately. From earth we learn how to cry ceaselessly and soulfully. From Heaven we learn that God is all Beauty. From earth we learn that God is all Duty. From Heaven we learn why God is, where God is. From earth we learn who God is, how God is. Why is God? God exists to satisfy Himself divinely and supremely. His divine Satisfaction is far beyond the domain of our mind; the mind will be sadly baffled by it. But the heart, on the strength of its identification with God, can and will realise what God-Satisfaction is. God-Satisfaction is the Nectar-Life in God’s Silence-World, in God’s Sound-World. Where is God? God is where His children are. God is all-where in His creation. God is the Creator; again, He is Creation itself. In silence-life He is the Creator. In Sound-life He is the Creation. He is at once the Creator and the Creation.

Who is God? God is eternally our Beloved Supreme and our Lover Supreme. When we aspire, when we cry from the inmost recesses of our hearts, when we grow into the burning flames that climb high, higher, highest, at that time God becomes our Beloved Supreme. When we consciously, devotedly and unconditionally participate in God’s cosmic Drama, Him to satisfy, Him to fulfil, Him to manifest in His own way, at that time God becomes our Lover Supreme. How is God? God is fine; God is happy. He tells the seeker in us that He is eternally happy because He feels that it is through happiness, it is in His happiness-life that He can create, preserve and immortalise His creation. There is no other way. He cannot be otherwise. Only through joy can He create, preserve and immortalise His creation.

We learn from the real in us. The unreal in us tells us that we were nothing, we are nothing and we will be nothing. We came from ignorance, in ignorance we dwell and at the end of our journey’s close to ignorance we shall return. The real in us tells us that we are everything — not only are we everything to ourselves, but we are everything to the Supreme Pilot. The real in us tells us that we came from delight, in delight we grow and at the end of our journey’s close into delight we shall retire. The real in us goes one step ahead. It tells us that our life has no end, our life-march knows no halt. It tells us that life is an eternal journey. There is no final destination. The real in us tells us something more. It tells us that when we reach any destination, that destination becomes the starting point for tomorrow’s journey. Today we are at the starting point. Tomorrow we reach our destination. The day after tomorrow the destination becomes the starting point for a higher goal, a more fulfilling goal. There is no absolute Goal. The Goal is always transcending its own supernal heights.

We learn from man; we learn from God. Man has only one message to offer us: “The future is all darkness. The future is ruthlessly frightening. There is no certainty, there is no reality in the heart of the future. Stick to the past, we live in the past, we know about the past. No matter how deplorable the past was, the past is the only reality. Don’t look ahead. If you look ahead, you are bound to notice the dance of destruction. Stick to the past.” God has a different message, and this message we must try to learn from God. God tells us: “There is no such thing as future, children, My sweet children. There is only here, there is only now, there is only here and now. Try to grow in the immediacy of today. Try to live in My Vision-Boat and My Reality-Shore. Like Me, try to remain always in the eternal Now. Grow in Me. Glow in Me. Flow in Me. The eternal Now is the only Reality. He who aspires discovers the Reality of the eternal Now.”

Saturday, 12 July, 1975 The Theatre, Southampton College Southampton, New York