Rededication to the United Nations' highest goals

Following is an article as it appeared in the official United Nations newsletter, Secretariat News, on 16 October 1975.

_A slightly abridged version also appeared in another publication, _Diplomatic World, on 6 October.

From the left, seated: M.A. Shamsee, the Rev. D. Potter, Ms. Levitt, D. Keys, Rev. Tsang, A. Hixon, Chairperson. Standing:
S. Chinmoy.

Meditation Group

To celebrate the opening of the General Assembly's 30th session, delegates and UN personnel joined leaders of the world's major faiths in a programme on 12 September at Headquarters. The Secretary-General wrote a message for the occasion, which stressed the immense potential of the UN and the requirement for "a renewal of our common faith and determination that the advances of the past thirty years will be maintained."

The programme began with silent meditation led by Sri Chinmoy, Director of the UN Meditation Group, who then sang one of his own compositions. Prayers were offered by: Norma Levitt, Co-Chairperson, World Union for Progressive Judaism; the Reverend Dan Potter, Executive Director, Council of Churches, City of New York, Reverend Jih Tsang, Assistant Abbot, Temple of Enlightenment; and Muddassir Ali Shamsee, Leader, UN Muslim Prayer Group.

One of two guest speakers was Mr. David S. Burgess, Senior Officer, UNICEF, who noted the ever more apparent need for individuals and nations to "recognize our human interdependence". Mr. Donald Keys, UN Representative of the World Association of World Federalists, maintained that "mankind is on the verge of taking its next big step…a step in awareness, a step in consciousness, a step in perspective, a step in relationships. …we are in the throes of a new Copernican revolution in which man will come to see, naturally and normally, that the planet is the basis of social organization and inter-relationship."

A highlight of the event was the première performance of "O United Nations", a song composed by Sri Chinmoy.

The programme, co-sponsored by the International Co-operation for Peace Committee and the UN Meditation Group, ended with choral readings from the writings of the UN's four Secretaries-General and a silent rededication to the UN's highest goals.