Jharna-Kala news3

Sri Chinmoy: Dear Dean Gorman, a few minutes earlier I had the unique occasion to speak with you. Your purity, simplicity, clarity and integrity have touched the very depth of my heart. Today you have given me the golden opportunity to be of service to the God lover in the artists and art lovers here at this illustrious school. To me, there can be no difference between a true God lover and an art lover. I offer my most soulful gratitude to you for giving me this opportunity to be of service to seekers of Truth and Light and lovers of universal art.

Before I give a short talk on spirituality and art, I wish to sing a devotional song.

[Sri Chinmoy sang Dipta Madhuri, a Bengali song written and composed by himself.]

October 6th, 7th and 8th saw a three-day exhibit of Sri Chinmoy's art at Manhattan's prestigious School of Visual Arts. The brief showing was viewed by hundreds of artists, art lovers, art students and art teachers. On the last day of the exhibit Sri Chinmoy gave a short talk on art and spirituality, and answered questions. This is a transcription of the talk. School of Visual Arts, 8 October 1975