Aphorisms from the Peace Room1

Look at our body.
It is always helpless.

Look at our vital.
It is always hungry and angry.

Look at our mind.
It is always doubtful and scornful.

Look at our heart.
It is always insecure and impure.

Look at our soul.
It is always willing and crying; willing with us and crying for us.

Look at our God.
He is pleading with us to believe in only one thing: “Children, each one of you is My very own. If you call me God, then I wish to tell you that each one of you is another God. In and through you only one God is playing, experiencing and realising what He eternally is and what He eternally is not. What He is: constant self-giving. What He is not: constant self-doubting.”

  1. AUM 1579. United Nations Church Centre, Tuesday, 18 November 1975