Visit of Sudha to New York City

9-13 December 1966

Sudha (Miss Carmen M. Suro), the President of the Aum Centre, Inc., Santurce, Puerto Rico, visited New York City at the invitation of Sri Chinmoy and stayed in the new quarters of the Aum Centre, New York City, 504 East 84th Street.

She was the guest of honour at the Guru's spiritual talk on Sunday, 11 December 1966, where the following message of welcome was read out to her:

"Today we are proud to welcome to New York City the President of the Aum Centre of Santurce, Puerto Rico. Many of you have read about her in the AUM magazine. She is our dearest Sudha, Miss Carmen Suro.
  She is not only the President of our Centre in Puerto Rico, but she is everything there. She is the living and creative force of the Centre. Her life is made of two qualities: Devotion and Dedication. Through her eyes her Gurudev sees. Through her heart her Gurudev feels. Through her soul her Gurudev illumines the Aum Centre of Puerto Rico."

Sri Chinmoy is deeply grateful to his Dulal (Mr. Sol Montlack), Vice-President of the Aum Centre of New York City. He accompanied Sudha on some official business and also made her stay most enjoyable by showing her some of the interesting sights of the city.

Sri Chinmoy announces that he will spend eighteen days from 11 to 29 January 1967 at his Aum Centre in Puerto Rico.

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