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AUM 1649-1664. Introductory questions, 2 March 1975

Question: Up to now, it has been a marathon — a lot of paintings in a short span of time. Will you arrive at a point where you will slow down and do only one or two large, detailed paintings?

Sri Chinmoy: Unfortunately, I am a person who either starves or eats voraciously. When I start again, I will draw hundreds or thousands at a time. I do the same when I write poems. Right from my childhood, when I started writing poems, I would write twenty or thirty in one day and not write again for several days. I will do more paintings, but it will probably be in a year or two. Usually I do not have the patience to do large paintings.

I am a consciously devoted machine or instrument. He who utilises me is far beyond speed. In Puerto Rico, when I did 181 paintings in one hour and fourteen minutes, I was constantly talking on the phone and to the people around me, but I did not lose my highest consciousness or my speed. Sometimes I feel sorry for my hand because it has to go so fast.

To come back to your question, I always do things on a large scale and, as I have said before, my problem, if it can be called a problem, is quantity, while the Supreme’s problem is quality. I will go on being the Supreme’s instrument, doing things on a large scale, and He will be responsible for the quality.