Mr. Blaise Scavullo: Is it realistic for someone who was raised as a Catholic to feel that Jesus Christ is a spiritual Master?

Sri Chinmoy: Why not? If he was brought up in a Catholic family and if he feels that the Christ is his spiritual Master, then he is doing absolutely the right thing. If someone else was brought up in a Hindu family and he feels that Lord Krishna is his spiritual Master, then he is also doing the right thing. But if one is wise, then he has to feel the Eternal Master, the Eternal Supreme, the Inner Pilot inside the Christ, inside Lord Krishna. Inside the Christ, inside Lord Krishna is He who embodies both the transcendental Vision and the universal Reality. If one enters into the infinite Christ-Consciousness or the infinite Krishna-Consciousness — and not just the consciousness of the historical figures — then there is no difference between the Inner Pilot and Lord Krishna’s infinite Consciousness or the Christ’s infinite Consciousness.