National day of prayer

The Sacred Fire Bicentennial Group sponsored its second annual inter-religious observance of the National Day of Prayer on Friday, May 14. The group received from the White House a personally signed copy of President Ford’s proclamation for the day, which Sri Chinmoy read out in the course of the evening’s meeting.

May 10, 1976

Dear Mr. Chinmoy:

One of President Ford's most meaningful efforts in celebration of our Bicentennial is documented by the enclosed parchment of his Presidential Proclamation establishing May 14, 1976 as our National Day of Prayer in the Bicentennial Year. Significantly it honors by emulation the Continental Congress action taken in 1776, surely a great moment in history.

This parchment comes to you as a token of the President's appreciation of your ongoing prayerful support and intercession on behalf of our great country.

Theodore C. Marrs
Special Assistant to the President