Question: At the present stage of man's evolution, which prevails: mind-power or heart-power?

Sri Chinmoy: We can’t categorically say which part of the being prevails, because early in the morning we can be in the mind, two hours later we can be in the body-consciousness and at bedtime we can be in the heart. One day we ascend; the next day we descend. One day we are in the heart; the following day we are in the mind. We do not have any permanent achievement. Similarly, a country can be in the emotional vital at one time, and ten years later it may enter into the heart plane and become pure.

If a country is warlike, then the undivine vital is to the fore. If a country is crying for peace, it is living in the heart. Right now there is not a single country that is predominantly in the heart. All are wanting in a sincere cry for peace. Again, like an individual, each country can change its consciousness. Right now we do not have the capacity either to destroy permanently or to build permanently, but there will come a time when we will give all value to building, and not to destroying.

Now we can’t say that a country or an individual is living in the heart or in the mind. On the whole, America is now in the vital. This country has to aspire consciously, devotedly. And who is responsible for this aspiration? Not the country as a plot of land, but the individual members of the country. The country is always trying to aspire through the individual, but the individuals don’t care for aspiration.