My divine hero-warrior-children, many things have already been done and achieved and many more will be done and achieved for the Bicentennial, but what you are undertaking today is unprecedented. Your heart of love for America, your love of oneness with America’s soul, will remain matchless and supreme.

America is the world’s illumining hope, and you are America’s fulfilling promise. The souls of all the states will be divinely proud of you. The soul of America will be supremely proud of you. The Supreme Himself will be eternally proud of you. And I, your spiritual father, will bask in the sunshine of your ever-glowing and ever-fulfilling glory.

This is not a mere contribution to America’s soul. This is a self-giving ideal and a life-reawakening and earth-reassuring promise to mankind. When you run from one state to another, you will feel that you are spreading the oneness-light of the perennial Source.

America was great, is great and will eternally remain great. But today, O children of the Supreme, you are adding something significant to America's greatness. The quality that you are adding to America’s greatness is infinitely more valuable, and this quality is called goodness. Goodness is the oneness-heart of the universal Reality and the transcendental Vision.

In the name of the Supreme I am blessing each divinely inspired hero-warrior-runner who will cover America’s gratitude-heart. As I said before, many things will be accomplished by many individuals and collective groups but, O children of the Supreme, what you are going to accomplish will remain unparalleled not only in the history of America’s evolution but in the history of the world’s evolution.

Two hundred years ago the great, divinely great, supremely great Americans achieved something, and that achievement illumined not only America’s consciousness but also the consciousness of the entire world. What you are now going to achieve will not only transcend time and space, but also will help time and space ascend to an ever-glowing Vision of the Absolute Supreme.

This message was transcribed and printed as soon as possible, and a copy was given to each of the runners a few days later as they returned to New York State after completing the Northeastern loop of their journey.

Earlier in the morning, Sri Chinmoy held a private meditation for the Liberty-Torch runners, after which he inspired them with the following message