Satisfaction and frustration

Satisfaction and frustration1

Frustration is the cloudy day. Satisfaction is all sunshine. Frustration can be in the physical body, in the vital, in the mind and in the desiring heart. But satisfaction is always in the soul. It is the soul's satisfaction that we are trying to bring into our aspiring heart, our searching mind, our expanding vital and our crying body. Frustration and satisfaction are like two neighbours, like the obverse and reverse of the same coin.

Frustration is due to our uncontrolled and uncontrollable desires. Satisfaction is due to our self-giving life. When we are frustrated, we should either make ourselves feel that we are utterly helpless, or we should energise ourselves for a new dawn, inspire ourselves to make a new beginning, a new start. If we feel that we are utterly helpless, like children left alone in the forest at night, then God’s Compassion descends into each breath of ours. And if we make a new start, if we inspire ourselves to make a dynamic new beginning, then God’s divine Pride enters into us. With His infinite Compassion, God illumines our frustration into satisfaction. With His boundless Pride, God grants victory to our effort, our determination, our willingness to divinise our life.

When we are frustrated, we can ask God hundreds of questions with regard to our frustration, and God is more than willing to answer our countless questions. But we have to know that when God answers our questions, we have to listen to His Answer. His Answer comes in the form of Concern. But when we hear God’s Answer, God’s Message, we do not listen to it. And when we don’t listen to God, God withdraws — not His Compassion — but His constant Pride in us. He withdraws His Oneness-Satisfaction in us.

When we are frustrated, we can adopt a rebellious attitude. This we do quite often. But we forget that our rebellious attitude is consciously or unconsciously directed at God, who is infinitely more powerful than the rebellious attitude which we have hurled at Him. When we are frustrated, if we cannot have patience, if we cannot grow into patience-tree, God tells us that the next best thing is to offer our animal anger, our ego, vanity, pride or anything that is negative and destructive, to our soul. We should not offer these things to the individual human being or to the incident that has frustrated us. Only if we throw our frustration into God will He, out of His infinite Bounty, be able to illumine us.

Frustration and satisfaction are in human life. In human life, they are the obverse and reverse of the same coin. But in divine life, which is the life of aspiration and dedication, there is a divine coin. Here satisfaction and perfection are the obverse and reverse of the coin. We are satisfied at one moment; therefore, we have become perfect. We have become perfect at one moment; therefore, we are satisfied. We have reached the top of the mountain and the depth of the sea. From the mountain’s height we plunge into the depth of the sea, and from the depth of the sea we fly up to the highest height of the mountain. For both going up and going down, what we needed was satisfaction.

Satisfaction is our inner cry. Satisfaction is our constant progress. But this satisfaction is not a self-complacent attitude. This satisfaction is an inner hunger, an eternal hunger which is constantly being fed and which is constantly increasing in infinite measure. Inside this divine hunger there is constant joy, and this constant joy makes God feel that His Vision is right, His Reality is right. His Vision we are, when we are in our highest spiritual consciousness. His Reality we are, when we are in our earth-life. When we are in the body, He wants to manifest His Reality in and through us. When we are in the soul, He wants to reveal His Vision to us.

Here we are all seekers. Our satisfaction and our perfection will be only in seeing God in God’s own Way, in feeling God in God’s own Way, in becoming the embodiment of Truth, Light and Bliss in God’s own Way.

How can we please God in God’s own Way? We can please God only by knowing and feeling that we are consciously for Him and that we are contributing to His Vision and His Reality according to our capacity. What is our capacity? Our capacity is not our greatness, which is valued here on earth. Our capacity is not our goodness, which is valued both here on earth and there in Heaven. Our capacity has to be something beyond both greatness and goodness. Beyond greatness and goodness is our conscious, constant feeling of oneness with God.

Our greatness does not add anything to God’s Vision or to God’s Reality. Our goodness — when we are kind and loving to others — quite often demands something in return. The moment we consciously or unconsciously expect something in return, goodness does not remain in its positive form. But there is something infinitely more valuable than greatness or goodness, something extremely important, and that is oneness. Oneness with God’s Will, God's Vision and God’s Reality we achieve only when we know and feel that we are of God in our growing life and we are for God with our glowing life. This glowing life we get only when we live for God the ever-compassionate Reality and God the ever-just Reality. God the compassionate Reality and God the just Reality are one. When we are helpless, we cry for the compassionate Reality, and when we are brave, we invite and welcome the just Reality. God s compassionate Reality and God’s just Reality can alone make us perfect.

The infinite Compassion of God has created us, and the infinite Justice-Light of God can make us strong, stronger, strongest. If we want to become God’s Perfection-Light, then let us inwardly cry and outwardly smile. If we inwardly cry, God’s Compassion will descend in boundless measure and we will become perfect. If we outwardly smile, God again will grant us satisfaction and perfection. For our smile is our strength, the strength of our life-breath.

A seeker is he who discovers satisfaction in the heart of perfection, and perfection in the body of satisfaction. The body’s self-giving and the soul’s God-becoming, the soul’s self-giving and the body’s God-becoming, are God's Satisfaction and God’s Perfection in the heart and in the reality-existence of the seeker.

  1. 25 June 1976, United Nations