Question: Do we go through the emotions to the spirit?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two types of emotion. One is earth-bound emotion, where attachment looms large, where we sing the song of possession. Earth-bound emotion wants to possess and be possessed. The other type of emotion is liberated emotion, Heaven-free emotion, divine emotion. This emotion says: “I belong to God, who is infinite, eternal and immortal, so it is beneath my dignity to wallow in the pleasures of ignorance and falsehood.” This emotion makes us feel: “If I am God’s child, I must do this. He is waiting for me. As I need Him, He also needs me. I need Him for my illumination; He needs me for His manifestation; therefore, we need each other. With oneness 1 will realise Him, my highest part. And with oneness He will try to manifest Himself in and through me, His instrument.”

With divine emotion we identify ourselves with the Eternal, with the Infinite, with the Immortal. If we are one with Infinity, Eternity and Immortality, then there are millions of things we will not do because our divine pride will make it simply impossible for us. If we have wholeheartedly taken the side of Light, we cannot change and go take the side of darkness.

Divine emotion is the emotion that liberates us and brings us the message of Vastness. This emotion gives us the feeling of oneness with each and every individual. This divine emotion, the emotion that makes us free and vast, is good. But the emotion that binds us to the outer life, to the human feelings, should not be encouraged. Divine emotion is founded on oneness, on something vast, on something illumining and fulfilling, and that emotion should be welcomed, for only that kind of emotion is necessary to reach our destination.