Incorporation of the Aum Centre in New York City

On 17 January 1967, the AUM CENTRE, INC. of New York City was officially certified by the Supreme Court of New York County.

We offer our gratitude to Mr. Enrique Calderon (B.B.A., L.L.B.) of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and his son, Mr. Miguel A. Calderon, Notary Public, State of New York, for their valuable advice and their selfless labour in preparing the necessary documents for the Incorporation. In this connection, Miss Carmen Suro, President, and Mrs. Maria Teresa Gonzalez, Counsellor, of the Aum Centre, Inc. of Santurce, Puerto Rico, deserve our special thanks and gratitude.

To our Dulal (Mr. Sol Montlack) who made many patient trips to the Supreme Court, untangled countless difficulties, and saw through the Incorporation to its conclusion, we offer our deep and grateful love.

The following is the Board of Directors of the AUM CENTRE, INC. of New York City:

Spiritual Director and President Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

Vice-President Mr. Sol Montlack

Chief Advisor Mrs. Ruth Moseley

Financial Secretary Mrs. Irene Silver

Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Lillian Gerber

Executive Co-ordinator Mrs. Barbara Callen

Special Member Mr. Joseph Stanley

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 2, No. 6, 27 January 1967, Boro Park Printers -- Brooklyn, N. Y, 1967