First anniversary of the Blue Centre

On 30 July 1976 the Blue Centre celebrated its first anniversary. At the meeting, each disciple of the Centre said one of Sri Chinmoy's aphorisms which he particularly liked, and afterwards Sri Chinmoy meditated with each disciple and gave each one a rose. Following is a transcription of Sri Chinmoy's message to the members of the Blue Centre.

First anniversary of the Blue Centre

Today your Blue Centre is completing its first year. Blue signifies spirituality in its purest form. Blue signifies Infinity, the spiritual Infinity of Light and Delight. Each sincere seeker will one day be inundated with Infinity’s Light and Delight. It may take only a few years, or hundreds of years, or thousands of years, but no seeker will remain unrealised.

The Blue Centre has a significant role to play. Each of you has my special blessing on this auspicious occasion. Each of you can make very fast progress if you believe in the Supreme in me, and if you believe that the path you have chosen is the right one for you.

I am extremely grateful to Sunil. His service has all the gratitude of my heart. Now I also want to be extremely pleased with each and every individual disciple. My fervent wish is that you mix with good disciples in other Centres. This will help your aspiring consciousness and expedite your spiritual progress. Please make it a special point to mix with others.

It is also my request that the girls will wear saris to the meetings and the boys will wear white, if possible. When the boys wear white, it brings forward their spiritual purity, and the sari brings forward the divine qualities of the girls. Just by wearing saris and whites you will not realise God, but they do aid your spirituality. Read my writings and poems, sing my songs and participate in all the activities that you are invited to participate in. Every activity of our Centres means an opportunity, especially when we have family gatherings or when you are invited to the New York Centre. In this way, let everyone shine in the spiritual life. My soulful blessing, gratitude and my oneness-heart I offer to each of you.