Fulfilment of desires

I am fearful of your desires. I have not come into the world to fulfil your desires; I have come to fulfil the divine Will. If you have desires, you have to be responsible for the fulfilment of those desires. But I wish to tell you that those who have given up the inner life to fulfil their desires have found that all was frustration. Either they have not been able to fulfil their desires, or they have found that fulfilling their desires has not given them any true satisfaction. So let us be wise; let us walk along another way. I am your guide. Previously, you listened to the mind and were disappointed. But the heart is the reality. You are searching for light, but you have not yet achieved it. The heart has told you to take my guidance. When you want to do something, if the teacher tells you not to do it, you should not. If I don’t allow you to do something, it is because it is not God’s Will. You have come to me with an age-old disease: ignorance. Just allow me to cure you. Ignorance has ruled you for millennia, because you tried to please your desires before. Now try to please your aspiration. God’s Hour will strike without fail.

These Supreme secrets are my gifts to you. These are real inner secrets. Other inner secrets will be difficult for you to grasp. They are also true, but they will not help you in any way. If all the disciples listen to these secrets, they will be able to run the fastest. If they do not do the right thing, they will stumble and fall on the road.