Sri Chinmoy told the following traditional Indian stories to his disciples on 13 October 1976.

The Prayers of Ramjan

There was a very poor Muslim man who used to deal in donkeys, monkeys and dogs. One day he was returning from the village market. He had not been able to sell either his donkey, monkey or dog and he was to some extent unhappy. It was getting dark and night had set in. It was the month that the Muslims call Ramjan. For that month Muslims fast during the day and eat only at night. On a specific day of that month, when the sky becomes very favourable, they feel that no matter what one wishes for, he will get it.

The donkey knew this and he said, “How long shall I play the role of a donkey? O Allah, O God, make me the emperor of the world.” Then the donkey said to the monkey, “Our prayers will be fulfilled because it is a most auspicious day. I have prayed. Now you pray.” The monkey said, “I want to be the strongest man in the world.” The monkey also believed that his prayer would be fulfilled. Then the dog said, “I want to become the commander-in-chief of the world. ” They all prayed and they knew their desires would be fulfilled.

They said to their boss, a human being, “We have prayed. Our desires will be fulfilled.” The poor man said, “Yes, I am also praying.” Immediately he prayed to Allah, “O God, O God, O God, this is my only prayer. Before You grant their prayers, please make me blind. I don’t want to be ruled by a donkey, a monkey and a dog. Please grant my prayer first. Let me be blind so that at least I don’t have to see them if I have to be under their control.”