Sri Chinmoy Sangit

On 4 November, Sri Chinmoy presided over the second “Sri Chinmoy Sangit” which was held at Lowell High School, San Francisco, California. (The first Sri Chinmoy Sangit was held in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in October 1976).

Sri Chinmoy made the following comments and presented awards to the musicians who gave the best performance of Sri Chinmoy’s music.

Sri Chinmoy: It was a great pleasure and honour for me to hear the music played by you so soulfully and adequately. Therefore to each musician I offer my soulful love, joy and gratitude. I pray to God the Supreme Musician to grant each musician more capacity, abundant capacity, infinite capacity so that each of you can grow into a master-musician. Again I wish to offer my gratitude from the very depth of my heart to each of you.