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November 19, 1976

Hon. Sri Chinmoy c/o Guru Stationary Store 86-24 Parsons Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11432

Dear Sri Chinmoy:

Celestial Salutations! I wish to thank you formally for your inspiring participation in our 20th anniversary celebration of the All Faith Chapel of the Universalist Church last Sunday morning. Your very sovereign presence made the worship service unusually beautiful and many members of the church congregation and staff felt uplifted by your verbal, mantric and silent meditation. Personally and mystically, I felt exalted… and shall never forget your generous and gracious praise of me on that birthday occasion in our fine old New York Cathedral!

I hope the "Bright Gods" will smile on our future meetings as they did on Sunday, November 14, 1976.

Faithfully yours,

Roland Gammon