Questions and answers

The following questions were asked by Pratik at the New Jersey Centre on 10 May 1977.

Question: What is the best way for a disciple to offer to you the unpleasant or undivine forces in his consciousness that he wishes to be rid of?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two ways to offer me these unpleasant forces. One way is to have intense fear or hatred of them. Either you will be afraid of those forces or you will immediately hate them with utmost intensity. After that, if you see that these forces still are not leaving you, then just grab them and throw them into me.

If you are afraid of them, you will always be careful; you will be conscious of why and how they are attacking you. When these forces attack, they attack the physical mind first. Then they come to the vital, then to the gross physical. Once somebody has hurt you, if you know the reason why he has hurt you, then you will remember your suffering and you will always try to be on the alert. If necessity demands, you will think of the severe torture you have gone through. Either by constantly remembering the suffering when the unpleasant forces have attacked you, or by hating them, you will be able to get rid of them. You will hate only the undivine forces, not the person who embodies them or who has become a victim to the wrong forces. The forces you can hate, but not the person who has the wrong forces, because he may have many good forces, too. And, after all, he is also a child of God. Slowly and steadily he will also become perfect one day.

The other way is this: when undivine forces come, please feel that you are a child and each unpleasant force is like a grain of sand. When your body is full of sand, you have to wash it, cleanse it. If you are a child, either you do not have the capacity or you do not have the willingness to clean your body. But you know that you have a spiritual father who is more than ready to clean and purify you. When a child sees that his body is full of sand, he runs towards his mother or his father. Then it is only a matter of a few seconds or minutes for him to become pure and clean again. After a few days he may again become covered with sand, so again he will run to the right person. Gradually, as he becomes mature, while cleaning him, his father and mother will tell him, “My son, don’t do this. Don’t play with dirt. You don’t want to be dirty and impure all the time. Try to remain clean and pure.” The child listens eventually. He does not play with mud, clay and sand forever. These are the two most effective ways to get rid of the unpleasant forces that assail you or any human being.