Question: Several times during each broadcast I consciously offer my gratitude to you. Is there any other or additional thought or prayer I should do during the very brief time just before the broadcast or during commercials?

Sri Chinmoy: This is an excellent thing. When you offer gratitude to me, try to feel that that gratitude is a world. Your gratitude is tinier than the tiniest, like an ant. But you will try to increase that gratitude into a huge elephant. If you feel that the gratitude-power which you are offering to me is very tiny, absolutely negligible, your feeling is the essence of humility or modesty. But you have to try to grow and expand it. You have to increase your capacity from the tiny ant to the elephant. Then you will be happy. When your gratitude becomes an elephant, try to have other qualities also. Once it is very huge, vast and strong, inside that powerful elephant try to have all the divine qualities: simplicity, sincerity, purity, humility and so forth. At that time feel that you have all these things inside you. Feel the necessity of making your gratitude quality big. Then, when you feel that your gratitude has become an elephant, try to see all the divine qualities that you have inside it. All the divine qualities are inside your gratitude-heart. Then you are bound to feel that you are growing into an exemplary instrument of the Supreme. This is how to bring forward all the good qualities that you have. First a tiny ant; next moment a huge elephant. Then you can maintain the highest and best consciousness all the time you are on the air.