Question: I had a deeper study of religion for about seven years, which gave me a closer relationship to God. I tried to see the good in everyone around me, always to see them as God, as spiritual beings, as good children. At this time I lost a son in an accident. How am I supposed to accept this in my life? Is it God's Plan, or is this my reward for being good? I was sincerely trying to do good at this time. I was a nurse, and I did my work saying, "God, this is for You. I can do anything, no matter how unpleasant it is, since it is for You."

Steve Powers: Before we get the answer from Sri Chinmoy, I would like to know what you did next. What was your next action concerning your spirituality?

Question: It took me down a peg, and I went back to the religion I was born to. But I still study the religion that I thought would take me closer to God.

Steve Powers: Your question, then, is how on one hand you can commit yourself to God and on the other hand see tragedy occur in your own life? How do you justify the two things?

Sri Chinmoy: If we really sincerely pray to God, then we develop a specific quality within us of oneness with God. Eventually we develop the capacity to say soulfully and sincerely, “Let Thy Will be done.” We ultimately feel that it is for a necessary experience that we have had a catastrophe in the family. After all, God loves the child whom we have lost infinitely more than we do. When we love God, we realise that His capacity for Love is infinitely greater than ours. You are God’s child, and the son whom you have lost is also God’s child. The Supreme Father always knows what is best for each individual.

Steve Powers: But you still suffer the loss on a human level?

Sri Chinmoy: We do not suffer very much if our identification and oneness with God is complete. On the strength of our oneness we shall feel that for a few years God gave us another person to stay with us, and now he is needed somewhere else. We will suffer very little if our oneness is complete. But if we have established only a little oneness with God, then we shall suffer miserably on the human level.

Steve Powers: I think you’d also have to establish a belief in the hereafter in one form or another, wouldn’t you?

Sri Chinmoy: Absolutely.