Question: Guru, yesterday when you looked for a place to sign and date the painting, you walked the whole length of the painting, and then came back. Then you put the date in the most dynamic part of the painting. Was there any special significance to that?

Sri Chinmoy. Very good. You have got the point. I was only looking for the place where I got the most dynamic vibration. It is not that the other places are less spiritual or less beautiful, but they are a little bit milder, or perhaps the colour is not very dazzling. But when we notice the particular place that I chose, even from a distance it is very attractive. I wanted to sign it there because at that particular place there is a communication between the outer beauty and the inner silence. At other places the inner silence may be very prominent, but the outer beauty may not be so easily perceptible, and vice versa. But at that place even children will perceive something. As you said, the spontaneous dynamic appeal was already evident in that particular place; therefore, I signed it there.