Silver Thought-Waves


Ability is the soul’s flow and the body’s glow.

Ability is accomplishment. The outer accomplishments we see with our outer eyes. The inner accomplishments we see with our inner Eye.

Our present ability-friends tell us that our future ability-friends are on their way. At any moment they may arrive. We shall cheerfully and unreservedly welcome them.

Ability is our inner life’s strength and our outer life’s length.

Ability is confidence. Confidence smiles. Who enjoys the smile most? God the aspiring and transcending man.

Ability tells us what we can do for ourselves. Ability’s cheerful and soulful surrender to God’s Will tells us what God’s infinite Satisfaction-Power can and will do for us.

Ability unused, man is man the sad failure. Ability used, man is man the eternal runner. Ability divinely used, man is man the quick-blossoming God.