Question: Does my violin love me?

Guru: Quite often your violin hates you. On very rare occasions your violin loves you. When you practise, you feed the violin. Naturally, the gratitude-heart of the violin loves you. When you don’t practise, that means you don’t feed the violin. How do you expect love from someone who starves because of you? But sometimes you give most delicious food; your heart’s oneness you offer to your violin. I shall never forget one experience. It was at the time of the Bicentennial when you played at the Fulton Street Fish Market. There you played extremely, extremely well. That day the soul of the violin blessed you most powerfully. But another, unfortunate experience I also remember. Once we had a thirteen-hour meditation in Central Park, and you played on the stage. On that day your violin and you were not on speaking terms. So I felt sorry because two strangers were desperately and unsuccessfully trying to make friends. So your violin loves you most soulfully and fruitfully only when you feed it. You should feed your violin regularly.