Appreciation, admiration, adoration and love1

I appreciate, I admire, I adore and I love. I appreciate God the Power. I admire God the Light. I adore God the Delight. I love God the Compassion. Power is great. Light is good. Delight is immortal. Compassion is all-fulfilling. My God-appreciation multiplies my joy. My God-admiration multiplies my strength. My God-adoration multiplies my beauty, inner and outer. My God-love multiplies my satisfaction, within and without.

In the desire-world there was a time when I was a total failure. Nobody gave me a helping hand. I accepted my total failure, which was undoubtedly a blessing in disguise. Then I left the desire-world and entered into the aspiration-world. Here, at times, I am assailed by doubt, fear, teeming anxiety and worry. Yet sometimes I am also encouraged and inspired by the higher worlds of Light and Delight.

The world of desire separated me from the world of satisfaction. The world of aspiration, at the present state of my evolution, does not guarantee me abiding satisfaction. But there will come a time when I shall enter into the realisation-world, and my realisation-world — which will be founded upon my aspiration-world — will grant me everlasting joy and everlasting delight.

In the desire-world, when I failed, nobody blamed me. In the aspiration-world, when I was half-successful and half a failure, the world around me did not care for me. But when I succeed in the realisation-world, the entire world will care for me, for the realisation-world is the world of oneness.

The desire-world is the world of division and possession, where each individual tries to lord it over others. In the aspiration-world fear and doubt and other negative ideas assail my human mind, and my aspiration is at times thwarted by undivine, unhealthy, uncomely forces. But the realisation-world, which is the world of inseparable, eternal and all-pervading oneness, can never be assailed by teeming doubts and negative forces. For this is the world of oneness and perfection, and inside perfection what looms large is satisfaction: satisfaction of the universal Soul, which the seeker in me embodies, and satisfaction of the transcendental Reality, which my seeker-life also embodies. It is only in the realisation-world that I can have satisfaction, and this satisfaction of mine I can share with my fellow-seekers, who are sailing in the same boat toward the Golden Shore of the ever-transcending Beyond.

Cornell University, 1 April 1978, 8:00 p.m.