Question: Why is your hair so grey, while your sister, who is older than you, has dark hair?

Guru: There are various reasons why my hair is so grey, and why I have very little hair. When I was a teenager I revolted against sleep, and also I developed a most intimate friendship with aspiration-flames, almost beyond the capacity of my physical body. When you start developing occult power and spiritual power in profuse measure, you get unbearable heat inside your spinal column, and quite often it goes up to the head and destroys the hair. In many cases this has happened. There are some Masters who take special care. They apply soothing oils and quite a few things to their head. But in my case, fortunately or unfortunately, I did not do that. Once or twice I did take homeopathic medicine at the express request of my dearest mentor, a homeopath who knew all about diseases and cures. Once or twice I took it, but after that I saluted his medicine from a distance. Also once or twice a very close friend of mine applied lemon juice to my head. But it only aggravated and irritated my head like anything, so I didn’t use it more than twice.

Then, when I came to America, my disciples were kind enough to offer me all their worries and anxieties, and their undivine forces used to come and attack me like the surges of the ocean. I housed them and tried to illumine them, and in the process they found their right place, my head, to offer me constant awareness of their suffering. This resulted in more loss of hair. So now I am forced to enjoy baldness, but I don’t mind it, for any experience I get either from Heaven or from earth or from God or from humanity, I cheerfully welcome, for each experience adds to my oneness-realisation with my Beloved Supreme.