Question: Sometimes I want to be with you, and let’s say you aren’t doing anything in particular, you’re just sitting there, so someone asks me to do something. Since I really want to be with you, if I go do that thing, there is no cheerfulness in it, and if I say no, then I feel bad also. So what is the best thing to do?

Sri Chinmoy: I know you want to stay with me twenty-four hours a day, since your fondness for me is extremely sincere. But when I am not asking you to do something and somebody else asks you to do something, at that time you should feel that you are the only person needed to do that particular job, and that the message somebody has given you to do it has come from me. That person is only the messenger. If somebody has asked you to do something, feel at that moment that I have asked that person to ask you to do it. Then you can do it cheerfully.

But again, you have to know who the person is — what kind of nature the person has. There are so many disciples. Some are sincere, some are aspiring, while some are only clever, or are jealous that you are near me. They want to get rid of you for a while. If that is the case, you don’t have to help them. But if you see that that person really needs your help, and the actual need is my need, then you do it. You have to be wise, since there are many people who are jealous of you. But if they are good disciples, always feel that the request has actually come from me. So do it and then come back. Try to serve people. The more you serve, the more you can make progress. Usually it will be only a matter of a few minutes to fulfil the request of that particular person and come back. Then you will be happy because you are making me happy and you are making that person happy, and also your own heart will expand by serving the Supreme inside that person.

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol.II-5, No. 5,6, May-June 27, 1978.First published by Vishma Press in 1978.

This is the 9132nd book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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