O my Pilot Beloved

O my Pilot Beloved, I wish to doubt. I wish to doubt my suspicion of others’ capacities. I wish to doubt my suspicion of others’ aspiration-height and dedication-length. Each time I suspect them, I blight their pure hearts. While blighting their pure hearts, I weaken my own very limited aspiration and dedication capacity. Therefore, O my Pilot Beloved, I wish to doubt my suspicion of others and thus illumine my previous blunder.

O my Pilot Beloved, I wish to be afraid of my ignorance-tiger, which is right in front of me, about to devour me. Before it devours me, I wish to run towards You for Your immediate Protection. If I am not afraid of my ferocious ignorance-tiger, then I shall not run towards You for Your ever-compassionate Protection. Therefore, I wish to be afraid of my all-devouring ignorance-tiger. Your Protection, I know, will not only save me from this ferocious tiger which is always ready to devour me, but also Your Protection and Compassion will one day give me the capacity to destroy entirely the very existence of my ignorance-tiger.

O my Pilot Beloved, I need You. Not because of my inability. Not because of my insincerity. Not because of my insecurity. Not because of my impurity. But because of the importance that You have given me in Your cosmic Vision and cosmic Manifestation.

O my Pilot Beloved, my friends consciously help me realise You. My enemies unconsciously help me transform my unlit human nature. Would You please tell me whether my friends are more important than my enemies, or my enemies are more important than my friends?

“My child, no comparison. Unconscious help is not worth much. Conscious help deserves appreciation and gratitude. But just because you do get help, even unconsciously, from your enemies, if you happen to see them as you walk along the path, then offer them a soulful smile. You do not have to go out of your way to look for your friends, either, anywhere in My creation. Just offer them in silence your gratitude-heart. Unconscious help does not deserve any appreciation, not to speak of gratitude. But if help is conscious, then it deserves not only appreciation but also gratitude. Therefore, only offer your gratitude to your true friends, who consciously help you.

Again, there is only one real Friend, and it is I who am that Friend, your Eternal Friend. It is I who help you to realise Me through your human friends. It is I who have been playing the role of friendship from time immemorial. In Me is your eternal oneness-life. It is from Me that everyone gets the things they need to transcend their unlit animal nature and realise Me. Since you do not see Me, since you cannot comprehend Me in the physical, it is advisable to be constantly grateful to your so-called friends. It is your friends who are constantly helping you to realise Me. Realisation is oneness, eternal oneness. He who helps you realise Me is your oneness-friend and My blessingful, fruitful chosen instrument.

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol.II-5, No. 7,8, July-August 1978.First published by Vishma Press in 1978.

This is the 9133rd book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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