What do we get from the inner life?2

What do we get from the inner life? We get simplicity, sincerity, integrity, purity, humility and divinity. He who has all these divine qualities will, without fail, have a life of joy, peace, freedom and fulfilment. And he who does not have these divine qualities will unmistakably have a life of tears, turmoil, bondage and frustration.

What else do we get from the inner life? We get a growing, flowing and energising consciousness to illumine and perfect our thoughts and feelings and to accomplish our aims. We can also grow into active and effective participants in God's cosmic experience.

To live an inner life is to become fully conscious of God's existence. To become fully conscious of God's existence is to love humanity's breath with a boundless heart.

If we need a golden opportunity to see God's Face, the inner life is ready to grant it. If we need a faultless assurance that we are God's chosen children, the inner life is eager to give it.

When I truly live the inner life, I can dare to say, "God is mine." Doubt and fear will forever forget my name, form and address. I dare to say, "I am God's." The journey Supreme and the Goal Transcendental will forever be mine.

God with His light awakens my love. God with His Bliss intensifies my devotion. God with His Blessings immortalises my surrender. With my love I discover God. With my devotion I feed God. With my surrender I fulfil God.

My surrendering soul's journey begins with God's concern. My craving life's journey begins with God's Compassion. At the end of my soul's journey, I shall see God the way He wanted me to see Him. At the end of my life's journey, I shall see God the way I wanted to see Him.

Life is for man. Man is of life. Life is man's necessity. Man is life's ability.

I have two I's, the small and the big. The small "I" is the ego which is still unnoticed, while the big "I" is the Self, which is still unknown. I shall notice the unnoticed to learn the Truth. I shall know the unknown to become the Truth.

It is in our inner life that we come to learn that the soul is noble. It embodies the Truth. The heart is noble. It realises the Truth. The mind is noble. It expresses the Truth. The vital is noble. It admires the Truth. The body is noble. It serves the Truth.

AUM 284. Sri Chinmoy gave this talk on Sunday morning 31 March 1968, at a Y.M.C.A. Breakfast Fellowship Meeting held at the William Sloane House, 356 West 34th Street, New York City.

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 3, No. 7,8, Feb. — 27 Mar. 1968, AUM Publishings -- San Juan, P.R., 1968