My life1

My Lord Supreme, my committed life thinks of You. My perfected life meditates on You. My surrendered life loves You. My oneness-life fulfils You.

My thought-world tells me that there is definitely a goal. My meditation-world tells me that this goal is not a far cry. My love-world tells me that You are my Eternity’s Beloved Supreme. My fulfilment-world tells me that we need each other; I need You for my realisation-seed and You need me for Your manifestation-fruit.

My Lord Supreme, this is my simple discovery: I am not what my mind says, but what my heart does; not what my heart does, but what my life eventually becomes; not what my life eventually becomes, but what my soul eternally is. My soul is Your Eternity’s soulful Cry and Your Infinity’s fruitful Smile.

  1. SUNY at New Paltz, 20 April 1978