God's visiting hours4

When I see my God in reason, He is Justice.
When I see my God in faith, He is Protection.
When I see my God in love, He is Compassion.
When I see my God in will, He is Vision.
When I see my God in joy, He is Perfection.
When I see my God in truth, He is Fulfilment.

My breath invokes God throbbingly, my soul silently, my heart lovingly, my mind hesitantly, my vital unconsciously and my body fearfully.

There are two choice hours for my God to visit me. Once when my soulful life is without haste; the other when my life's mounting flame is without rest.

AUM 288. (Bholanath, Mr. Clyde Weinman, recited "God's Visiting Hours" most soulfully on 13 April 1968, Sri Chinmoy's fourth anniversary in the West).

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 3, No. 7,8, Feb. — 27 Mar. 1968, AUM Publishings -- San Juan, P.R., 1968