Question: What is the best way of making progress?

Sri Chinmoy: The absolutely best way of making progress is by constantly praying to the Supreme to fulfil Himself in His own way through you. There is nothing wrong with praying to the Supreme for peace, light and bliss, or for anything that is really good. But if you want to go beyond that, then you will pray, “Please fulfil Yourself in and through me in Your own way.” That is absolutely the best way to make progress. Occasionally you may feel that you need something specific for your human or divine personality, and you will ask for peace, light, bliss or some other divine attributes, which will help you to realise God and fulfil God in God’s own way.

The best way to make progress is to pray to God to fulfil Himself in and through you in His own way. But if you can’t do that all the time, then do the second best thing, which is to pray for peace, light, bliss and other divine qualities which will eventually take you to Him and enable you to please Him in His own way.