Question: Sri Chinmoy, considering all of humanity's past and present physical aggressions against each other and lack of inner peace and unity, do you foresee in our future, our physical future, a spiritual oneness and peace, complete peace, among nations and peoples?

Sri Chinmoy: Being a spiritual seeker and God-lover, I clearly see that today’s world of aggression, today’s world of negativity, quarrelling and fighting, will not last forever. We believe in progress. When we become sincere seekers, we see how many bad things we have to give up in order to become good. Today if you become good, tomorrow I will follow your example. Tomorrow I will try to become good, and the day after tomorrow somebody else will follow my example. This is how the whole of humanity changes. Today one nation comes forward with the message of peace, love and oneness. Then tomorrow another nation tries to do the same. Unfortunately, all the nations do not cry for peace, love and oneness all at once. First an individual realises the Truth, as the Christ did, and then other sincere seekers try to follow their example. The Lord Buddha, Krishna and other spiritual Masters of the highest magnitude realised the highest Absolute Truth and tried to offer it to the world at large. Their message is always the same: peace, love and oneness. Many have been inspired to try to follow their example.

When we pray soulfully, when we meditate sincerely, God, out of His infinite Bounty, showers His choice Blessings on us. Then today one individual becomes really good, tomorrow another individual, the day after tomorrow, somebody else. Individually we become good until collectively we are good. This is how a nation becomes good, and gradually other nations will follow that particular nation. Unfortunately, we cannot all become perfect at once. But slowly, steadily and unerringly, eventually all will become perfect, for our Source is all Perfection. The Supreme is all Perfection. He created us, and eventually we will also grow into His very Image.