27 September 1980

What is a miracle? A miracle is an unusual incident. A miracle is either an illumining or an exciting experience. A miracle is either a happy smile or an unhappy cry of nature.

I am a seeker. I am a God-lover. I pray and meditate every day. That means I have chosen God to be my eternal Pilot, and God has chosen me to be eternally His own. He is my chosen Master, and I am His chosen instrument. Such being the case, how is it possible for me to become jealous? How is it possible for me to become insecure? How is it possible for me to become impure? I pray and meditate regularly. That means I am part and parcel of divinity. For me to be jealous, insecure and impure — is it not an unhappy miracle, a deplorable miracle that I perform every day?

Again, I am an insignificant human being. For years and years I have cherished my friendship with teeming doubts. Now I have a new friend: a blossoming faith. For me to transform my life of doubts into a life of faith — is it not a happy miracle, a divine miracle? Desire-life was my only reality, and now aspiration-life has become my favourite reality. Is it not a miracle? I am not even six feet tall, but I am praying to the Absolute Supreme to grow into His infinite Height, which is beyond my mind’s imagination-flight. I am aiming at that Height; I am longing to grow into that Height infinite. Is it not a happy miracle? I am mortal. My thoughts, my deeds, my experiences, everything that I have and everything that I am represents mortality. Yet, in spite of this, I am longing for Immortality. Is it not a divine miracle?

If I enter into friendship with ignorance, if I become a friend of jealousy, meanness, insecurity and impurity, then I must feel that I am performing undivine miracles day in and day out. And again, when I am one with humanity, when I think of vastness, luminosity, oneness and God-Satisfaction in God’s own way, I am performing the supreme miracle. It is up to me to play the role of either an ignorant weakling or an all-knowing God-man. Finally, if I truly, soulfully and unconditionally love my Beloved Supreme, then I need no more miracles, for there can be no greater miracle than my soulful cry for the total realisation of my Beloved Supreme. As a human being I care for humanity’s appreciation and admiration. But if I change my desire-life and cry only for God — to please Him in His own way, to manifest Him in His own way sleeplessly and unconditionally — then in God’s Eye I am the supremely divine miracle-performer.

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol.II-6, No. 9, September 1980.First published by Vishma Press in 1980.

This is the 9144th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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