Question: I play the guitar, but sometimes I don't know how to be spontaneous. I would like to know how to be more spontaneous in my music.

Sri Chinmoy: First learn to be spontaneous in your inner life; then you can be spontaneous in your music. Meditate for fifteen minutes with the feeling that you are only three years old. A three­ year-old child does everything spontaneously. He does not have a developed mind. Whatever he does is done because of a spontaneous inner feeling. If you meditate, you can feel that you are a child in the Lap of the Beloved Supreme.

A child is spontaneous; he is innocent. For him there is only the heart; there is no mind. Your mind doubts your capacities all the time. It finds fault with others and with yourself. But the heart is all simplicity, spontaneity and oneness. So if you can turn yourself into a little child while meditating, you will be able to incorporate the same result into your music. You have to feel that you are a divine child. Then, while playing music, you will see that your music is all a spontaneous expression of what you yourself have become. You have to have a childlike feeling before you begin to play your music.