Question: If a person practices Yoga, what kind of life will be led in his daily activities?

Sri Chinmoy: In his daily activities he has to be, first of all, sincere, honest and pure. He has to have purity in his mind, in his body, in his speech and in his ideas. Anyone can practice sincerity, honesty and purity. Then if he really wants to practice Yoga, the deeper Yoga, each day for about fifteen minutes he must devote himself to his inner search, to his self-discovery. These fifteen minutes of meditation he has to learn from someone who can teach him. He needs a teacher for meditation, for his inner illumination. The individual has to know how sincere he is or how far he wants to go, how deeply he wants to accept Yoga. If he feels that he has to go up to the end of the road, that he wants to reach the goal, then he has to follow some strict, inner discipline and he has to meditate, concentrate and so forth. But if he wants to remain satisfied with obtaining a little peace, joy and light, then what I said at the beginning, in answering your question, applies here. Let him be perfectly sincere in all his activities.