"Three Kings Day" message2

The three kings, the three wise men, devoted aspirants, came to the Divine Child with three gifts. After seeing the Light of Delight they did not go back to the ignorant King Herod. They knew that they had seen the Light. They could no longer remain ignorant, nor could they come and tell the King about their discovery. Similarly, we have just come to the Light Supreme, the Infinite Consciousness, and we are now being illumined by the Light of Delight. We must not go back to the old age-long King, Ignorance, who has been lording it over us. We shall remain perpetually in the Light that we have seen. We shall grow in that Light and we shall fulfil the Light and by fulfilling that Light, we shall be fulfilled.

What are our three gifts to the Divine Child? Love, Devotion and Surrender. These are our divine gifts. These gifts are our inner wealth. Love: We feel that there is nobody more worthy to be loved than the Christ. Devotion: We realise that there is nobody more worthy than the Christ to receive our heart's devotion. Surrender: We have realised the true truth that it is to Him, the Christ, that we have to surrender our very life-breath, our very existence.

Just three steps forward: Love, Devotion and Surrender. When we know how to love again the Son of God, we shall know how to love the entire humanity, for deep inside each human being, it is the Christ that breathes. Who is the Christ? Not the mere physical body, but the Consciousness Infinite, the Light Infinite, the Peace Infinite, the Bliss Infinite, the Power Infinite.

The second step is Devotion. When we have learned the Supreme Secret of devoting our lives to the Christ, the Infinite Consciousness, we shall immediately discover the Supreme Secret of devoting ourselves to the entire humanity. When we know the meaning of devotion, in no time we shall know the meaning of service. Service and devotion go together. We serve the person whom we are devoted to. We get the greatest joy in serving the person to whom we show our utmost devotion.

Finally the third step is Surrender. When we have understood the Secret of Secrets, how to surrender our existence, our knowledge, our wisdom, our limitations, our ignorance to the Infinite Consciousness, Christ, we feel that we no longer exist in the finite. We become the Infinite. We become the Infinite Itself. Infinity becomes our own possession. For so long we have been a tiny drop but the moment the drop surrenders itself to the Infinite Ocean, it loses its existence, its finite existence and becomes the Infinite Ocean itself. So on the strength of our surrender, our absolute surrender, we become the Infinite, the Eternal, the Sempiternal and the Immortal. We sing the song of Immortality. We breathe in the life of Immortality. When we surrender our ignorance, we surrender our death. To whom do we surrender? To the immortal Self which is deep within us. What do we surrender? Our ignorance. And what do we get in return? We get Infinite Wisdom. More than that, we become Wisdom itself.

Three gifts, divine gifts, from the very depths of our soul we are offering to the Infinite Christ: Love, Devotion and Surrender. Love teaches us; love is our teacher. What do we learn from love? Acceptance. We have to accept the world of ours. We must not reject it or throw it into the darkest abyss. No. Then comes devotion. Devotion tells us to serve, to devote our precious life, or at least our precious time, to the person or the consciousness that we have accepted. We have accepted the world and now we have to serve the world. Finally comes surrender. We have to become part and parcel of the world. Acceptance is made; service is done. But transformation is still to be achieved. By accepting the world, we have not been able to transform the world. By serving the world we have not been able to transform the world. But while accepting and serving the world, we have to remember that we have to transform it. If we can transform the world, then only will the world become perfect Perfect and the Kingdom of Heaven be established here on earth. This transformation comes only through surrender to the Infinite Life, Bliss and Power.

We have accepted the world; we have served the world. Now let us surrender to the Infinite Wisdom, to the Infinite Peace, to the Infinite Light. The moment our surrender is complete, we hear deep within us the message of our absolute Union with the Highest, the Deepest, the Farthest. And our surrender to the Absolute not only makes us feel and realise, but makes us one with the Absolute. Finally in the march of evolution, we ourselves become the Absolute.

AUM 373. by Sri Chinmoy to the Aum Centre, San Juan, P. R. 6 January 1968