"No mind, no form, I only exist... the final end of Nature’s dance... I am It whom I have sought. I barter nothing with time and deeds; my Cosmic play is done."

When our Cosmic play is done, we enter into Nirvana, the Nirvanic state. Nirvana is the cessation of earthly activities. It is pure Bliss. This world is the playground of the dance of the Cosmic forces, but when we enter into Nirvana, the Cosmic forces yield to the ultimate Highest Truth and there the Knower, the Known and the Knowledge (the wisdom) are like three angels blended into one. We become both the Knower and the Known. Nirvana, however, is not the highest state for the divine worker. If one wants to serve God, the Supreme, here on earth, then he has to come back into the world again and again and serve the Supreme in humanity. This does not mean that the divine worker cannot have the experience of Nirvana. The experience of Nirvana is at the command of a truly God-Realised soul who wants to be a divine worker. If one does not have the experience of Nirvana, one cannot usually know what illusion is. The world, according to some spiritual teachers, is an illusion. When one enters into Nirvana, one realises what illusion is, what Maya is. But Nirvana is a very, very, very, very high state.

Beyond Nirvana is the state of Absolute Oneness. This oneness is dynamic oneness with God. Nirvana is the static oneness. There everything comes to an end in the static Bliss; this Bliss is unimaginable, unfathomable, indescribable. But if one wants to manifest the Supreme, manifest Divinity here in the field of creation, then one has to work in the absolute dynamism of the Supreme and not rest in Nirvana. But again, if one is a tired soul and wants to go beyond the conflict, beyond the capacities of the cosmic forces, then I wish to say that Nirvana has to be, is to be welcomed. Nirvana is for those who want to be satisfied with this static aspect of the Brahman Supreme. But if one wants to embody both the static and dynamic aspects of the Supreme and wants to work for the Supreme on earth, then I wish to say that one should go beyond Nirvana and enter the field of manifestation.