Light and darkness. Darkness makes us feel that we are nothing, we can do nothing, we are useless. Light makes us feel that we are everything, we can do everything, we can become everything. Now where is the Light, the real Light? The real Light is in the soul; it is not in the physical, it is not in the mind. It is deep in the soul. This Light is the constant expression of Truth. Wherever there is Light, there is expansion. Expansion of what? Expansion of Truth. Light and Truth go together. Darkness and conflict go together. Light one receives when one stays in the soul. Light one receives when one who is a sincere aspirant enters into the Master’s consciousness. The Master’s, the Guru’s consciousness is always inundated with spiritual Light, the Light of the Beyond. The light that we say we get from friends, relatives, worldly people, is no real light. It is only the chain of thoughts and ideas to which we give value. We always feel that others have more understanding and more knowledge than we. No, you will have more light than anybody when you stay in the soul. Your soul has infinitely more light than anybody else who is giving you intellectual information or outer knowledge. Now how can you enter into the soul in order to see the Light, feel the Light, and utilise the Light?

You can reach the Light by throwing off fear, the fear that is around you, in front of you, or the fear that is ahead of you; the fear of two years hence or three years or six years. The fear about your children, your friends, your country, your earth. You are the victim of fear, of the past, present and future, both in your own life and the life of your loved ones. If you have fear, you cannot enter into the soul. If you cannot enter into the soul you do not get the soul’s Light. So please try to discard fear from your outer life and also from your inner life. Then you will see that you are constantly being nourished by your soul’s Light and the Light of your Guru.